Documentation & Insurance

We can save you time for your business by helping with import and export documentation. We can help you get paid for your exports by using our letters of credit services. And we can save you money by helping you with understanding exporting incoterms and export finance options. And by making sure your documentation is correct we can ensure faster transit and customs clearance so you can deliver your goods to your customers on time.


Correct documentation is an essential part of international trade and will minimise the risk of problems and delays. Make sure buyers and sellers know who is responsible for what cost with the correct incoterms. Certain documents will be needed to get the goods through customs and each country has its own specific requirements, which are highly skilled logistics team can help you with. Transport documentation, such as a bill of lading or airway bill, is needed to cover the transport of the goods in transit. Correct paperwork is often an important part of getting you, the exporter, paid for the overseas sale.



Here’s how Beyond Cargo LTD can help. Not only can we prepare your transport documentation but you can also outsource to us the preparation of the commercial invoices, packing lists, Certificates of Origin etc. In fact, any document you are required to prepare to meet your customers’ requirements. Our service can start from the moment that you are quoting for an export order. At this stage, we can advise you upfront what documents you will need and how much it will cost. We can do all of this in our in-house export management software system Exportease – just another example of the value we can add to your business.


The final piece of documentation is your cargo insurance certificate. We always ask our clients to check prior to shipment; who is responsible for ensuring the cargo? If in any doubt please ask us for advice. We are able to offer you a separate quote for your freight insurance via our trusted marine insurance brokers.